When Gervais Tire & Auto was founded in 2009, owner Rick Gervais knew he wanted to do something different. Years of working in other garages had left him frustrated with the sales techniques commonly used in the industry. At Gervais Tire & Auto, we always strive to provide quality, affordable repairs and maintenance, but our number one focus has always been HONESTY.

We will never try to sell you any work that doesn't need to be done, ever.

If you are tired of feeling like every time you need an oil change you're going to be hit with a huge bill, or tired of feeling like you're never quite sure if your mechanic is being honest with you, it's time to give us a try.

At Gervais Tire & Auto, our mission is to provide the type of quality, honest service of days gone by.

(519) 394-CARS (2277)

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